Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage to Wood Flooring

Pictured is the home of an Athens, Georgia resident.  The wood flooring in her home was unable to be dried in place, so demolition of the flooring was performed.  SERVPRO of Athens removed the flooring and set drying equipment to dry the structure properly so as to prevent mold from spreading.


Demolition may be necessary in extreme water damage cases.  Pictured is a flood cut performed due to rising water.  SERVPRO of Athens performs demolition then cleans and hauls off debris in order to further the drying process.

Mornings at SERVPRO of Athens

Every morning David Chance, Production Manager, can be found with his production team.  David always makes sure the team is prepared for the day.  During each meeting the technicians discuss the stages of drying or cleaning for each customer they are helping.  This keeps the team organized.  The production technicians value David and his leadership.  

Introducing the “Guzzler” for Flood Extraction in Athens, Georgia

SERVPRO of Athens has added a new “Guzzler”. This extraction tool uses two finely tuned motors to quickly extract water and soil from water damaged areas. SERVPRO of Athens is ready to guzzle your water damage and help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Source of Water Damage

Faulty plumbing supply lines can lead to an abundance of water damages.  Water damage from a sink averaged more than $7,000 per incident. Of these incidents, 44% were attributed to faulty plumbing supply lines.  Be sure to periodically check for water dripping off the lines under sinks or behind toilets to prevent large water losses.

Floor Drying System

SERVPRO of Athens, Monroe, Madison & Monticello uses a unique floor drying system.  Drying mats extract water out of the subfloors by pulling the water to the surface of the wood. The drying system is also quiet and does not use power in excess.  These drying mats are another wonderful tool that SERVPRO of Athens, Monroe, Madison, & Monticello can use to save a home from some of the most devastating water damages.