Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation

This home was left unattended and had a water damage occur in the basement.  SERVPRO of Athens completed demolition and mold treatment and removal following the IICRC guidelines and protocol.  SERVPRO of Athens also used specialty equipment to dry the structure and further prevent mold from reoccurring.    

Mold Caused by Rising Water

Rising water has become an issue as of late to our Athens, Georgia residents.  Water damage left unattended can cause major structural damage including mold to grow and spread throughout your home.

Mold Remediation

This closet has high moisture content which is the perfect breeding ground for fungi.  Left untreated the fungal growth would spread up the walls creating a huge problem for this homeowner.  SERVPRO of Athens assisted with HEPA vacuuming the growth, cleaning the wall, and treating it with an antimicrobial.

Mold in an Athens, Georgia Crawlspace

Due to the high humidity in our state we see a lot of fungal growth on the joists in the crawlspace of your home.  Our professionals clean the joists and apply antimicrobial to the affected areas.  

Crawlspace Remediation

Fungal growth can be commonly found in the crawlspace thriving on floor joists.  SERVPRO of Athens offers mold remediation estimates and services.  Pictured is a completed mold remediation on the floor joist of a home.