Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Full-Face Respirators

Full-face respirators protect our crews from harmful bacteria, smoke odors, and fungal growth.  It is important to make sure your respirator is functioning to its highest capability.  Pictured is our production manager demonstrating to the SERVPRO of Athens production technicians how to make sure your respirator is fitting properly.

Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing is essential in the restoration business.  This is a photograph of our production crew during their annual fit test.  Special thanks to our representative, Neil Gallien, with Abatix.  He assisted us this year and made sure that our crew is safe and within compliance.  We appreciate him taking the time to come out to SERVPRO of Athens!

Fire Damage

Fire damage can happen to anyone at anytime.  The best course of action is to always be prepared.  Be sure to talk with your children and have a plan in case something were to happen.

The bathroom pictured was not close to the source of the fire.  Smoke travels throughout the home causing damage to many to all of the structure.  

Stove Top Fire

Stove top fires are dangerous and scary for any homeowner.  This family had a safety plan in place.  The family evacuated the premises and safely extinguished the fire.  SERVPRO of Athens arrived onsite removed the source and began cleaning immediately for the family to return to a clean home.

Fire Damage in Athens, GA

This picture is the aftermath of a fire damage in a local Athens Georgia home.  The family was devastated for their home to be in shambles.  SERVPRO of Athens worked fast to remove all of their belongings to be cleaned and later returned to a rebuilt home.  The customer was highly satisfied with the response time and the work ethic of our detail crew.  

Sales Team

SERVPRO OF ATHENS, Sales Team.  This picture was taken during a morning meeting.  After the meeting, they rush out the door to visit the community and build lasting relationships. We are proud of our Sales and Marketing Reps!